Your Smart Versatile Hauler.

The innovative AMG 500 transforms from its compact folded mode into 4 different carts all with a hefty 500-lb capacity. 

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I’m predicting that a lot of video professionals will move to this cart. I haven’t found a cart this sturdy and versatile for such a reasonable price. I was constantly breaking the wheel bearings on my previous cart because it couldn’t take the weight. This Krane cart holds 750 pounds. PERFECT!!!

Bennett S.

I find this product to be pretty much the best product I have found for transporting my gear. Extremely versatile and really gets the job done.

Robert M.

Amazing!! Now I can take my drums and gear in one shot .. I don’t end up killing myself at the beginning or end of the gig..fits perfect in any car .. makes my job way much easier!!!

Max A.

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